Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Control Freaks with Transportation.

Well after a year or so of filming, P'Jayman's put all his clips together into a video. Been quite a process of editing, but the video is here! Check it out for some Chicago and Bangkok street + park footy. Its got footy from Shawn, Levi, Sterling, Pett Diamond and a bunch of DIY and lesser-hit spots within Bangkok.

This is the first part. It starts off with P'Jayman's crew from Chicago, and from there the video progresses onto Bangkok footage.

Second Part

Third Part

Fourth Part

Also, be sure to check out the Bangkok section of Fallen's Road Less Traveled video. Levi's got a trick in there, so if anything I'm backing it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Cruise Through Nepal

Well I know that this blog is meant to be about the skate scene in Thailand, but this here is also somewhat related. A very good homie of mine, Shawn Ward, has been living in Thailand for over 5 years now. He was originally from Canada, came to Thailand from a dart-and-map decision, and has been ripping here ever since. Look at older posts on this blog to find out more about Shawn.

So anyways, Shawn recently went to Nepal for a month for a skate trip, and he stayed with a mutual friend named Samip Khadka. Over the course of one month, Shawn got to meet a bunch of local skateboarders, learn about their skate culture, and help to build their scene in whatever way that he could.

My personal thoughts of the skateboarding scene in Nepal:
Living in Thailand my whole life and skateboarding for the past 8 years or so, I always saw the skate scene here as somewhat small, but its been growing steadily. Whenever I was in the US, I would see skateboarders at least once or twice a day, but over here, its rare to see another random skateboarder that you dont already know. But we had quite a few skateshops and skateparks with proper obstacles and even skate media personel (this was even before I got into filming). A skateboarder from the US never had to worry about not being able to find a skateshop here in Thailand.

Well Nepal, its a whole different story. The skate scene there is so small that I consider Thailand to be thriving with skateboarders, even to the point where we're taking shit for granted. I'll just say that seeing the raw footage of the equipment that these kids are skating, they would definately be happy with my old trucks, bushings, decks, etc. And I've changed and thrown away trucks just because I fucked up the threads on the axle and couldnt put the bolt back in, but these kids would definitely MacGuyver that shit back in.

Its a whole new refreshing perspective on skateboarding in general.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fallen Footwear Flow Riders - Mini VDO full length.

One thing I notice on a lot of message boards and forums is a lot of people mockingly wondering which skateboarders wear Fallen shoes. Well I can say that a good population of skateboarders here wear Fallen products and support the hell out of that company. I know a lot of the flow guys personally, and they're a fun bunch of kids who I've been able to witness them grow up in the last few years.

So after a couple of years of ripping shit up around here, they have now put out a video part. These flow dudes have now put out a mini video. Check it out and hope you guys enjoy it.

The FALLEN Thailand Mini VDO from Fallen Thailand on Vimeo.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fallen puts on a Demo in Thailand.

Well the Fallen Team came to Thailand and put on a fucking rad demo for all of us over here. I want to thank the guys over at Fallen Footwear for making it all the way over here to this part of the world, and from what I heard you guys have put down some new hammers in the few weeks that you were here. It was awesome getting to hang with the guys and talking with them. I even showed Tony Cervantes to his first motorcycle taxi ride ever.

 As for the video, I included a lot of local rippers along with the pros. And again, thanks for the demo and giving us over here some rad skating, and putting down some NBDs at that skatepark. I definitely missed some good tricks that were thrown down, such as James Hardy's FS180 inverted 5050, Jack Curtin's nollie nosegrind on the big rail, and Jamie Thomas' Impossible 5050 on the big ledge.
Vimeo Version

Meet the Pros Fallen Demo from Roger O'Connell on Vimeo.

Youtube Version

I know its been a while since my last update, but I'm working on some stuff. Hopefully I get them done sooner than later. Anyways dudes, until next time....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Skater's Atlas hits up Bangkok.

Fuck Yeah, having a new online video magazine do an issue on Bangkok is fucking sick as hell.

Skater's Atlas Issue No.4 Bangkok

Go check it out. I dont want to put their content on here as Matt's got it all settled on his website, so just go check it out. I'll put a link or two here to the website.

There are good reasons to like Skaters Atlas. I mean, with the majority of the well-known skateboarders being from California and all, its refreshing to see a new media outlet that focuses on something other than just Californian skateboarders.

Go check out my buddy Shawn's new full part that he filmed in only three weeks. He's also got an interview on there also, explaining how he moved from Canada to Thailand, and his injury that put him off the board for over half a year. So keep in mind that this part was banged out in less than a month, post-surgery.

And I have to say that its pretty sick Bangkok is getting put on the skate map. But keep in mind that while China is easily skatable like southern california, Thailand is pretty rugged like the east coast and you gotta have a certain mindset to find tricks here. Theres everything from a perfect skate plaza to the most cracked up ground. Sometimes a big lump of cracks in the street counts as a legit street gap.

Anyways dont waste too much time here, Type skatersatlas dot com in your URL go check out the Bangkok Issue of Skater's Atlas!



Sunday, April 7, 2013

New fish

 Yeah just got this bad bitch. Opteka 0.3x. Woulda opted for the Century but it was unavailible so I had to find a compensation for it.

My homie Pett helped me test by being the subject, and this kicker just came in that day also so it was a nice thing to test with. More footage soon, but I'd rather work on a full part rather than mini-clips. Soon, but not too soon. 

Anyways right now I'm working on a part for my buddy Eric. It's gonna be up soon so stay tuned homies and fools! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Go check out the DIY Skate Spot in Pattaya

OK So basically the dudes down in pattaya started their own DIY project. I went down there myself to skate it a few weeks ago, and I gotta say it's pretty legit. It's not burnside big or anything like that, but more like a DIY homey spot thats gonna get shredded by almost everybody thats gonna go skate there. Big props to Dan Williams of Pattaya for making this happen.

Check the video out. If you are ever down in Pattaya and want to skate, then I suggest you go down over to Kanong DIY spot by Big C Pattaya Tai a.k.a. Big C South Pattaya. The spot's located behind the Big C parking lot, so just walk to the end of the parking lot and look around. You'll definately see a nice big 5 block with a handrail, so look around because you'll be in the right vicinity. If theres a dude ripping hard over there, its probably P'Nui, the owner of Kanong.

And after this video, the man himself, Daniel Williams, has crete'd up a corner around the bend so theres even more fun to be had. 

And with style too, I wanna see somebody do something on the tree.

So yeah you can see that theres also a ledge beind the quaterpipe also to compensate. I gotta go down there again, this time with a bunch of homies to shred that spot up hard. 

And with an elevator ledge across the street from the spot also in case you come with a group of friends that want to hit something more street and less transition based. 

Well I know this is no burnside by western standards, but its a good effort by the homies to build one of the first legit DIY skatespots in Thailand (as opposed to just a ledge and a flatbar on flatground). If you're reading this and thinking that you'll be too occupied while in Thailand to skate, then sucks to be you. But if you're reading this and stoked to skate in Thailand, then go down to Pattaya to skate! Plus this place is right by a bar so you'll find yourself chilling and skating back to back with a few Leos like Shawn would do. So yeah, go down to Kanong Skateshop and hit up the DIY spot made by the dudes, say whats up to P'Nui maybe drop a legit hammer there if you can.

Guess thats what it took the boys to get it done. Now go skate.

Monday, March 11, 2013

SSA Rama 8 2013

Taken from various people's facebooks, these were some homie pictures from the SSA competition in Rama 8. Spot anybody you might know in the pictures? Well its wheres Waldo for ya!

Well thanks to the pros and ams that came here. Sean Malto, Sebo Walker, and Denny Pham put on one hell of a demo. Mark Siciu unfortunately could not make it as he left the country beforehand, but these three dudes still managed to put on one hell of a show for the dudes to see. Sean Malto, Sebo Walker, Denny Pham, hope you guys can come back again some day!

Sebo Walker busts a Treflip front grind. 

Thailand's O.G. "P'Nut" Weerayut Eksirasuwan casually gives this bank to ledge a Smith grind.

Sean Malto floats a back nose G on the outside of the A-frame ledge.

Buttshot of Sean Malto's back Overkrooks. Ladies would love this one for sure.

With a Smith Grind on the way back

P'Beer of Again Skateshop checks out the free eats! Skate Jam + Free BBQ = Fun Fun Day

Sebo Walker krooked grind on the bump to ledge

Sean Malto grinds a front krooks, and he nollie flipped out of it for the crowd too.

And he grinds a backsmith with Janchai filming. Can't wait for Janchai's edit of this.

Preduce's Ryan Sripaesatja giving the ledge a back 5-0

Sebo Walker with a huge switch Frontside flip.

And I guess thats all for today guys. Wanna thank all the photographers that posted these photos on facebook. It was a great day that I got really really wasted on and didnt end up skating much. Ah well fuck it, had good vibes, good friends, good food, good atmosphere, what more could you ask for? Check it homies, keep skating!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hi Pongsopon

His name is Hi Pongsopon. If anything, his name should be your welcome to the skateboarding scene in Thailand. He's one of those guys who's so natural at skateboarding you just sit down and watch him in awe. If you saw the Again video (my first post on this blog), then you'll know what to expect. Definitely check out this new part of his, he lays down the hammer on a number of local and rural spots. And Janchai's editing does not dissapoint at all.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introducing: Nong Farm

So every country's got their own little kid prodigy skater, and we are probably not different in that department. Nong Farm (translates to "lil' farm") is just a young kid from Phuket, Thailand that happens to really rip at skateboarding. He's been on a skateboard for less time than a lot of us and he's already getting better and better. This vid was put up a few months ago and after that he's been improving more and more. What you see here doesnt compare to just skating and chilling with him. Great kid with really great supportive parents!

Sometimes I get a little jaded over the skate scene here with everybody just religiously sticking to only flatbars, ledges and 90s flatground experimentation, but seeing Nong Farm skate is just so refreshing. He takes his tricks bigger and skates harder than a lot of locals here. Hopefully he is one of the dudes that will be taking Thai skateboarding to a new direction.
If you ever come to skate in Thailand, you'll get a glimpse of him for sure. He skates all the time at the park over by Hua Mak Rajamangla stadium. 

Thats it for now, but in the mean time keep on checking this shit out for more updates. PEACE!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wow its a while now!

I'm definately sure some of you remember homeboy Sterling from the Concrete Variables video. Well Here are some sequences of him doing some techy stuff. Check em out.

Sterling goes off the bump at esplanade with a Kicky-back-tail Photo: Drei
Sterling thinks that ledges on their own are boring, and I have to agree. Thats why he moved this ledge over this little grass gap just to make it a little more fun to skate. To compliment his beautifying the spot for the photo, he also heelflipped into this backside Five-OH! grind. Photo: Drei
Also since Mark was there too that day, you should check out this nice pop shuv nose G on the same ledge. Photo: Drei

Thursday, January 3, 2013

YEAH! P'Jayman does it again!

P'Jayman does it again! He's on a DIY mission around the rugged streets of Bangkok, finding spots and fixing them. Honestly I don't know why we haven't been doing this ourselves earlier, but as you would expect we were probably too lazy. Anyways when its done hopefully there will be some pictures and videos of shreddage going on down there. 

In the meantime, check out Levi Adam's Christmas edit.

Until next time, peace

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