Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Control Freaks with Transportation.

Well after a year or so of filming, P'Jayman's put all his clips together into a video. Been quite a process of editing, but the video is here! Check it out for some Chicago and Bangkok street + park footy. Its got footy from Shawn, Levi, Sterling, Pett Diamond and a bunch of DIY and lesser-hit spots within Bangkok.

This is the first part. It starts off with P'Jayman's crew from Chicago, and from there the video progresses onto Bangkok footage.

Second Part

Third Part

Fourth Part

Also, be sure to check out the Bangkok section of Fallen's Road Less Traveled video. Levi's got a trick in there, so if anything I'm backing it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Cruise Through Nepal

Well I know that this blog is meant to be about the skate scene in Thailand, but this here is also somewhat related. A very good homie of mine, Shawn Ward, has been living in Thailand for over 5 years now. He was originally from Canada, came to Thailand from a dart-and-map decision, and has been ripping here ever since. Look at older posts on this blog to find out more about Shawn.

So anyways, Shawn recently went to Nepal for a month for a skate trip, and he stayed with a mutual friend named Samip Khadka. Over the course of one month, Shawn got to meet a bunch of local skateboarders, learn about their skate culture, and help to build their scene in whatever way that he could.

My personal thoughts of the skateboarding scene in Nepal:
Living in Thailand my whole life and skateboarding for the past 8 years or so, I always saw the skate scene here as somewhat small, but its been growing steadily. Whenever I was in the US, I would see skateboarders at least once or twice a day, but over here, its rare to see another random skateboarder that you dont already know. But we had quite a few skateshops and skateparks with proper obstacles and even skate media personel (this was even before I got into filming). A skateboarder from the US never had to worry about not being able to find a skateshop here in Thailand.

Well Nepal, its a whole different story. The skate scene there is so small that I consider Thailand to be thriving with skateboarders, even to the point where we're taking shit for granted. I'll just say that seeing the raw footage of the equipment that these kids are skating, they would definately be happy with my old trucks, bushings, decks, etc. And I've changed and thrown away trucks just because I fucked up the threads on the axle and couldnt put the bolt back in, but these kids would definitely MacGuyver that shit back in.

Its a whole new refreshing perspective on skateboarding in general.

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