Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introducing: Nong Farm

So every country's got their own little kid prodigy skater, and we are probably not different in that department. Nong Farm (translates to "lil' farm") is just a young kid from Phuket, Thailand that happens to really rip at skateboarding. He's been on a skateboard for less time than a lot of us and he's already getting better and better. This vid was put up a few months ago and after that he's been improving more and more. What you see here doesnt compare to just skating and chilling with him. Great kid with really great supportive parents!

Sometimes I get a little jaded over the skate scene here with everybody just religiously sticking to only flatbars, ledges and 90s flatground experimentation, but seeing Nong Farm skate is just so refreshing. He takes his tricks bigger and skates harder than a lot of locals here. Hopefully he is one of the dudes that will be taking Thai skateboarding to a new direction.
If you ever come to skate in Thailand, you'll get a glimpse of him for sure. He skates all the time at the park over by Hua Mak Rajamangla stadium. 

Thats it for now, but in the mean time keep on checking this shit out for more updates. PEACE!

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