Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Go check out the DIY Skate Spot in Pattaya

OK So basically the dudes down in pattaya started their own DIY project. I went down there myself to skate it a few weeks ago, and I gotta say it's pretty legit. It's not burnside big or anything like that, but more like a DIY homey spot thats gonna get shredded by almost everybody thats gonna go skate there. Big props to Dan Williams of Pattaya for making this happen.

Check the video out. If you are ever down in Pattaya and want to skate, then I suggest you go down over to Kanong DIY spot by Big C Pattaya Tai a.k.a. Big C South Pattaya. The spot's located behind the Big C parking lot, so just walk to the end of the parking lot and look around. You'll definately see a nice big 5 block with a handrail, so look around because you'll be in the right vicinity. If theres a dude ripping hard over there, its probably P'Nui, the owner of Kanong.

And after this video, the man himself, Daniel Williams, has crete'd up a corner around the bend so theres even more fun to be had. 

And with style too, I wanna see somebody do something on the tree.

So yeah you can see that theres also a ledge beind the quaterpipe also to compensate. I gotta go down there again, this time with a bunch of homies to shred that spot up hard. 

And with an elevator ledge across the street from the spot also in case you come with a group of friends that want to hit something more street and less transition based. 

Well I know this is no burnside by western standards, but its a good effort by the homies to build one of the first legit DIY skatespots in Thailand (as opposed to just a ledge and a flatbar on flatground). If you're reading this and thinking that you'll be too occupied while in Thailand to skate, then sucks to be you. But if you're reading this and stoked to skate in Thailand, then go down to Pattaya to skate! Plus this place is right by a bar so you'll find yourself chilling and skating back to back with a few Leos like Shawn would do. So yeah, go down to Kanong Skateshop and hit up the DIY spot made by the dudes, say whats up to P'Nui maybe drop a legit hammer there if you can.

Guess thats what it took the boys to get it done. Now go skate.

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