Monday, April 8, 2013

Skater's Atlas hits up Bangkok.

Fuck Yeah, having a new online video magazine do an issue on Bangkok is fucking sick as hell.

Skater's Atlas Issue No.4 Bangkok

Go check it out. I dont want to put their content on here as Matt's got it all settled on his website, so just go check it out. I'll put a link or two here to the website.

There are good reasons to like Skaters Atlas. I mean, with the majority of the well-known skateboarders being from California and all, its refreshing to see a new media outlet that focuses on something other than just Californian skateboarders.

Go check out my buddy Shawn's new full part that he filmed in only three weeks. He's also got an interview on there also, explaining how he moved from Canada to Thailand, and his injury that put him off the board for over half a year. So keep in mind that this part was banged out in less than a month, post-surgery.

And I have to say that its pretty sick Bangkok is getting put on the skate map. But keep in mind that while China is easily skatable like southern california, Thailand is pretty rugged like the east coast and you gotta have a certain mindset to find tricks here. Theres everything from a perfect skate plaza to the most cracked up ground. Sometimes a big lump of cracks in the street counts as a legit street gap.

Anyways dont waste too much time here, Type skatersatlas dot com in your URL go check out the Bangkok Issue of Skater's Atlas!



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