Saturday, December 22, 2012

Concrete Variables.

Around a year or two ago, I became friends with this one grafitti artist named Cece Nobre. He's from Brazil, and moved here to Thailand for a while before I met him. I met him selling t-shirts at a stall in Rama 8, and since then I've been lucky enough to have had the chance to know the guy. Cece's a character, I gotta tell you. Knowing Cece and his visually culturalistic influence on his art, its hard to not appreciate his pieces, but you just gotta listen to the stuff he's gotta say to you. Its great to see how far he has evolved artistically, from Hanuman to real people, you just gotta go see his work.

This film Concrete Variables does not mainly focus on Cece, but rather it focuses on the biggest influences of his art - his friends. This is an insight into Cece's vision.

Watch this short movie, be inspired, and go check out the artwork at V64. Also if you skate, they recently made a bunch of obstacles over there so go shred and go film. Actually I'ma probably go film there today with the homies.

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