Friday, December 14, 2012

And Preduce.

So heres the thing that I just realised to myself.... You can't talk about skateboarding in Thailand without mentioning Preduce! These guys are the original skater-owned company and skate shop in Thailand. They've had three full-length videos. Smooth, Sambai, and Chaiyo. Those of you who have skated in Thailand know a thing or two about Preduce, and the name Geng Jakkarin commands respect among men. If you've never heard of Preduce before, well watch these videos, go check out their shop at Siam or Esplanade and say Whats Up to Golfie!

This video here is Chaiyo. A couple years in the making, the Preduce dudes really went all out for this one. They traveled to many places to film, and being an international traveler myself, thats not cheap at all. Much respect to Simon Pellaux for everything he's done for the skateboard community in Thailand

And this next video is of their new Ams. Gotta say I'm fucking stoked as hell for Mark O'Grady, thats my homeboy right there. Seen this dude skate for a while, and everytime I see him he just seems to be getting better and better. Mark's got style, check it out!

Well thats pretty much it for today. Enjoy the videos and hopefully they inspire you to come to Thailand and skate over here!

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