Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Let me introduce this to you. There is a Bar/Cafe/Restaurant here in Bangkok called "Skate Cafe". Self explanatory, it has a miniramp on the property so go there, grab a beer.... Make fucking sure that its a Leo Beer... and skate. If you're just visiting Thailand and you didnt bring your board with you, dont worry theres a bunch of set ups there you can use (in all different conditions). Skater owned and operated.

Its open from morning till late at night (closes either at midnight or 2 am depending on the circumstances). Go there in the morning, grab a coffee and breakfast and hit the mini-ramp. Or grab lunch. In the evening you'd definitely want to go there and grab a beer and skate the mini. Theres even a live band there on some nights.

Skate Cafe and Bar x DREG Skateboards x Made From My Fucking Thailand - Mini Ramp Jam

I put up both a vimeo version and a youtube version of this video. Hope you enjoy the video and stop by Skate Cafe and Bar the next time you come to Thailand. You can check them out on their facebook page here and if Bangkok is ever in your travel destinations, put Skate Cafe on your itinerary. Dont miss out!

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