Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Been a while since I last posted

Hey guys I know its been a very fucking long time since I last posted, but now I'm back. Due to life happening, I wasnt able to skate as much or go out and film as much, plus I had moved to a place where I couldnt skate that much. I had also gotten a mountain bike so I was spending a good ammount of time doing that.


So far in the past month I've put out two videos that I've been working on for over a year but never finished, so I decided to finish them and put them out. I hope you enjoy.

This is a montage of random skate clips I've collected while going around Bangkok with my camera. It was really fun to make and I really appreciate the guys and other filmers for contributing to this video.

This next video is an old local spot that I used to skate at a lot, and I wanted to showcase the dudes who rip the spot. This spot isnt there anymore but the same obstacles have been moved to a new location.

I hope you guys have enjoyed these two videos. I'll try to keep updating more often so keep posted :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Skateboarding in Nepal.

My homie Samip hit me up the other day over facebook telling me that he was on his way to go help with the DIY skatepark build over in Pokhara Nepal. Basically he helped push skateboarding in Nepal a lot since he's been back. When my buddy Shawn Ward needed a place to stay in Nepal, Samip hooked him up with a house so Shawn got to stay in Nepal without having to bust his wallet on a hotel room, took Shawn out and skated with Shawn a lot. Samip is a homie through and through and has helped out people when they needed it. You can go a few posts down to check out the video on Shawns trip to Nepal.
Thats Samip on the low angle fisheye

So my curiosity was sparked and I wanted to know what was going on, so Samip showed me the Pokhara Skate Park Facebook Page and I was immediately interested. They're . Now whenever I meet traveling skateboarders, if I hear that they plan to go to India or anywhere in South Asia, I will reccomend Nepal to them! GO TO NEPAL! SKATE IN THE HIMALAYAS!!!

The DIY park in Pokhara is being built by the OG Nepali Skateboarder Ram C Koirala who is the first skatepark designer and builder in Nepal. He had already previously built a concrete skatepark in Nepal by himself and a few other friends many years ago behind an elementary school. I got to meet Ram on his trip here to Thailand a few months ago. He's a really great guy who just wants to skate and help grow the skateboarding community in Nepal. Essentially he can be considered the Nepali equivalent of Red aka Mark Scott.

The reason why I'm mentioning Nepal in my blog is because a lot of boards and skateboarding hardgoods are donated, and Thailand is one of the countries that donates a lot of those boards. The local scene in Thailand has no shortage of skateboard supplies, but Nepal has a huge shortage of skateboarding hardgoods, so they need it.

This right here proves that the Nepali skateboarders are not slacking off and are being proactive in their community helping push and contribute to the project, and they've had some help from a number of skateboarders from all over the world have traveled there and put some work into helping build the park. This is proof that when skateboarders want something done, in this case its a concrete park, they will get up and do it themselves. And with their effort came help from traveling skateboarders who helped put effort into getting the park built, only to leave and hopefully they will be able to return and skate the fruits of their creation. Skateboarding is happening in Nepal right now, right as you're skating. Plan for Pokhara, Nepal if you ever travel to this side of the world. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Let me introduce this to you. There is a Bar/Cafe/Restaurant here in Bangkok called "Skate Cafe". Self explanatory, it has a miniramp on the property so go there, grab a beer.... Make fucking sure that its a Leo Beer... and skate. If you're just visiting Thailand and you didnt bring your board with you, dont worry theres a bunch of set ups there you can use (in all different conditions). Skater owned and operated.

Its open from morning till late at night (closes either at midnight or 2 am depending on the circumstances). Go there in the morning, grab a coffee and breakfast and hit the mini-ramp. Or grab lunch. In the evening you'd definitely want to go there and grab a beer and skate the mini. Theres even a live band there on some nights.

Skate Cafe and Bar x DREG Skateboards x Made From My Fucking Thailand - Mini Ramp Jam

I put up both a vimeo version and a youtube version of this video. Hope you enjoy the video and stop by Skate Cafe and Bar the next time you come to Thailand. You can check them out on their facebook page here and if Bangkok is ever in your travel destinations, put Skate Cafe on your itinerary. Dont miss out!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Film Crew video Throwaway clips for your entertainment.

So Levi put together a throwaway clip with a bunch of footage that he hasnt used or that will not be used. Anyways, heres a few raw clips for your enjoyment

Some nice stuff captured were Shawn's FS board and Levi's BS50-50 on the handrail and Levi's Backside 360 nosegrab and Austin's Nollie Halfcab.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Cons Lion and Tiger tour

Well its been a LONG FUCKING TIME since Ive updated this blog. Too much going on in my life now to keep updates on skateboarding here, but hey, at least I try.

So a new video came out on Ride Channel featuring a lot of the Preduce guys plus some more homies.
Check it out, and hope it inspires you guys to come here to South East Asia for skateboarding purposes.

P'Lert and P'Geng (Using P' in front of someones name signifys that the person you are refering to is old enough to be your older brother) are two of the hardest rippers in Bangkok right now. Besides, if the name "Bangkok" sounds funny, Id like you to hammer your own nuts while laughing really hard, or wait till you grow up. Anyways, this video goes from Singapore and Malaysia, two countries on the south of Thailand. Personally, Id never dare go to Singapore due to the ammount of weed I smoke and the horror stories I have heard.

Anyways, enjoy the video, and Ill try to keep this site updated more often.

Fuckin procrastinator

Saturday, January 11, 2014

iPhone craps

Well its been a while since I posted here, mainly because I dont really have anything to update on much since most of my skate filming time is now spent mainly saving the clips for the full length video. Its coming out this year, sometime, once we get enough clips for a full part.

So anyways, homie of mine Eden Gil has been putting his iPhone to good use, documenting the shit that goes on while we are on filming missions.

Just the bullshit that goes on in between hammers.

Stay tuned till next time!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Control Freaks with Transportation.

Well after a year or so of filming, P'Jayman's put all his clips together into a video. Been quite a process of editing, but the video is here! Check it out for some Chicago and Bangkok street + park footy. Its got footy from Shawn, Levi, Sterling, Pett Diamond and a bunch of DIY and lesser-hit spots within Bangkok.

This is the first part. It starts off with P'Jayman's crew from Chicago, and from there the video progresses onto Bangkok footage.

Second Part

Third Part

Fourth Part

Also, be sure to check out the Bangkok section of Fallen's Road Less Traveled video. Levi's got a trick in there, so if anything I'm backing it!

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